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Are you interested in hiring Tara to speak to your organization? Learn more about her speaking topics, download her one sheet or photos from her press kit, or read through testimonials related to her work.

Speaking Topics

These are some of the talks that Tara has given in the past. However, she can easily create custom presentations specific to the topics you want covered. Choose from one of the topics below, or suggest new topics that you’d like to hear about.

The WHY of Social Media – Geared towards helping small business owners understand why social media should have a place in their marketing strategies.

LinkedIn for Business Networking – Examines how LinkedIn should be used by business owners and job seekers.

I’m in Sales…Why Should I Bother Using Social Media? – Looks at why social networking is relevant in Sales.

To Tweet or Not to Tweet…That is the Question – Explores whether Twitter is a useful business tool or a devious distraction.

Social Media for the Job Seeker – Points job seekers in the right direction when it comes to using social media to promote themselves, connect with recruiters and hiring managers, and find job openings.

How to Grow Your Business Through Gratitude – Explains how to use appreciation marketing to encourage repeat business and ensure referrals from the top 20% of your customers that generate 80% of your business.

Costly Follow-up Mistakes Businesses Make, and How to Avoid Them – Outlines 14 of the most common follow-up mistakes businesses makes, and gives concrete examples of what needs to be done to avoid them.

Facebook and Your Social Circle – Delves into how to use Facebook to grow the visibility of your business online, and create a community for fans of your products and services.

Press Kit

You can download Tara’s speaker’s one-sheet here. Approved photos are available below.


The following testimonials were originally given as recommendations on LinkedIn. To see more like these, view Tara’s public profile.

Rick Schwartz's recommendation

Mike Henry's recommendation

Patricia Campbell's recommendation

Matt Scofield's recommendation

Zakhar Glukhovsky's recommendation


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